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Dr Chen Boon Tai, PhD

Education & Qualifications Advisor

Persons wishing to equip with academic qualifications to advance in career or for self-actualization is hereby invited to contact me at the following email:



Education & Qualifications Advisor:

A wide range of Malaysian and Foreign Colleges/Universities qualifications*:

- Diploma

- Advanced Diploma

- Bachelor Degree

- Graduate Diploma

- Master

- Doctorate and PhD

*All abovesaid qualifications are approved/accredited by the relevant authorities/agencies of the Malaysian government 

Permit, License, Endorsement, Brochure, Flyer:

Teaching Permit

Licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia to teach PhD and Master in Construction Engineering and Management, PhD and Master in Business Administration and other PhDs

Period: 21.01.2013 - 20.01.2018

Teaching Permit

Licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia to teach Doctor and Master in Business Administration (I decided to concentrate on teaching Doctor and Master in Business Administration only) 

Period: 21.01.2018 - 20.01.2023

Certificate of Appreciation

For my role in sharing and encouraging young investment bankers in CSR Initiatives for Green Buildings 

Seminar on Mixed Use Development

That was one in my series of seminars

Public Lecture at University

This was done at Malaysia University of Science and Technology 

International Conference on Disruptive Innovation

A paper I co-authored for the conference

Paper Published Jointly with my Doctorate Student

A paper published jointly with my doctorate student - A lecturer/researcher at the National University of Singapore (NUS)

Appointment as the Main Supervisor for a PhD in Management Student

It is always a great challenge to mentor someone..... 

As a member of the Editorial Board of IPMA Journal

It is an honour to be appointed....... 

Talk at TAR University College on Mid Valley City Development

Appointment as Program Adviser of TAR University College's MSc in Real Estate Development program